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Meow | 喵

Bed and Breakfast | 寄住家庭

It seems we are providing B & B for Ms Pur.
When we have time at night, we will go out to see if she is waiting.
As soon as she sees us, she will come up and Meow("Hello!"). Then she LEADS us to our front door. I wonder if she thinks she is a dog???
After she gets in the house, she will eat and play with us for a while. Then she will hop in the basket-bed we prepare for her and sleep.
In the next morning, sometimes we get up quite late. But she won't meow("Get Up, serve me breakfast!") until she hears our morning conversation begins. Such a good cat!
When we open the bedroom door, She will have several morning stretches. Then leads us downstairs and has breakfast.
After feeds herself, she sits at the screen doors which open to the backyard and meow("Open the door, I will begin my daily routine!")
So everytime she comes in our home from the front door, then leaves from the backyard. Staying one night, having breakfast in the next morning, she never use our fancy litter box and seems have little interest at the small scratch pole we prepare...
One Sunday afternoon, there was a dead bird neatly lying at our front door. Hopefully it wasn't the reward from Mr Pur. The poor bird with bright orange chest was cute, though I am so terrified by any BIRDS.

Bed and Breakfast | 寄住家庭

我们两公婆讨论了一番, 万万不要是好奇咪交的住宿费啊!

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