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the zen of ziggy


The Zen of Ziggy | 光头小人物的禅意

by Tom Wilson

The Last Time I stood up to be counted...
Someone stole my CHAIR

(Ziggy was in his broker's office)
Broker: ...You Said You Didn't mind high Risk,
so I put your whole portifolio into lottery tickets!

(Ziggy was in his psychologist office)
Let my inner-child out to play?
But what if he turns out to be Bart Simpson?

...The only time I ever "SEIZE THE DAY" when I tear a page off my desk calendar!

...I stepped back to try and see the big Picture and tripped over THE FRAME!

...Sometimes getting a grip on your problems means knowing when to Let Go!

...The best thing about that every time you give one.
You Get one in return!

Some people say you should treat each day as the first day of the rest of your life!
Others prefer to approach it as if it were their last day on earth!
I tried to follow the best of both Philosophies!
So, Now I start each day not knowing whether I'm coming or going!!

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